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 COMMUNICATION 01Mass notification systems can bring business success.

By Brett Andrew

Modern mass notification technology is for more than just emergencies, and it’s no longer just used by schools and municipalities. Today, all companies benefit from reaching their employees quickly over any communication channel like text, voice calls, emails and mobile application (app) pushes. With the increased accessibility and two-way communication features found in today’s notification systems, your company can quickly and affordably deploy communication technology that can improve many areas of your business. The right system, coupled with strong communication practices, will keep your people safe, informed and connected.

Centralized Interactions

When you have multiple facilities supported by a fleet that’s constantly in motion, it can be challenging to communicate with your employees in an organized fashion. Multiple coordinators communicating via multiple channels typically means your critical business information is decentralized and scattered across various tools and accounts.

Take the example of an industry-leading, third-party logistics and distribution company with a dozen domestic hubs and 250 drivers who saw benefit in turning to a mass notification system to centralize and improve its communications. The company has multiple buildings and 24-hour dispatch. Seven of its locations utilize a cloud-based mass notification system, which gives them visibility for all sites at all times. The system allows the company’s locations to capture and transmit information while keeping the lines of communication open – for example, when shift changes occur. The software platform helps the company ensure that no data or information is lost in the process, and it enables it to track all of its drivers. One of the advantages of modern mass notification systems is two-way communication, so the audience (in this case, drivers) can share information with dispatch whether to confirm arrival or alert others about road closures.


Success is determined by an organization’s ability to execute a plan, which can have many contributors across many locations each doing their part. That type of execution requires real-time, dependable communications between the team members. The key is finding a communication process that doesn’t weigh people down.

With a modern mass communication system, managers can hold their people accountable because they can interact with them across multiple channels, which could be text, voicemail and/or email. For the logistics company previously mentioned, drivers appreciate the convenience of their mass notification system because an important part of their process is letting headquarters know when they’ve arrived at a destination and sending in a picture to confirm. Previously, the company used four cell phone numbers  drivers would text with updates and pictures. Now, it’s one number and the drivers know their message has been received. They aren’t constantly on the phone and they are safer and happier.

Operational Efficiency

The warehousing, distribution, consolidation and transportation of goods is rooted in a company’s ability to effectively communicate with partners, drivers, coordinators and employees from all departments. Wasted minutes due to poor communication will undermine your efficiency and cut into your production.

That’s another way that mass notification systems can help.  For some companies, at the end of the day, central dispatch takes over and covers all of the drivers for all locations. With a modern mass notification system, they can build department or location-specific groups and send messages to just one group with the click of a button, which saves time and reduces cost.

Emergency Response

Several issues can impact your operations: office closures, inclement weather, systems outages, service interruptions, accidents, road closures, and more. These “emergency” items put both your people and your business at risk.

Recently there were fires in California that shut down the freeway to Las Vegas. The logistics company’s drivers knew about the danger because of their ability to share information and quickly communicate via their mass notification platform. They were able to reroute and avoid the huge delays on the highway.

During an emergency, enhanced communications can decrease downtime, mitigate loss, and reduce the cost to restoring business continuity.

General Communications

Many reports have come out over the years showing that businesses with strong communication practices have less turnover and happier, more engaged employees.

Some companies use their mass notification platform to send updates on company information. For example, during Driver Appreciation Week, a management team sent messages daily to their drivers to express their appreciation. It meant a lot to the drivers and lifted their morale.

Through enhanced communications using a modern mass notification system, your company will have employees who are safer in the face of an emergency, who value your transparency, and appreciate your commitment to keeping them informed as events unfold.

Brett Andrew oversees marketing and sales for AlertMedia, the fastest-growing mass notification provider in the world, offering intuitive mobile and web applications that help organizations reach any audience, over any communication channel, anywhere in the world. He can be reached at 800-826-0777.

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