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Founded in 1997, Constar Supply offers a wide range of products for construction and industrial needs. The company sells everything a construction team could need, from lumber to hydraulics to masonry and even office supplies, with a special expertise in concrete. 

Constar Supply says all the products are backed by competitive prices and a sales force that has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. This experience lends itself to offering customers special attention in terms of safety supplies, precast and tilt-up construction, timber connections, trend drains and decorative concrete. Locally and privately owned by Bill Morse, the company says it prides itself on giving quality, personal attention to every customer.

The company has two operating locations in Clovis and Bakersfield, Calif. The 18,000-square-foot Clovis store opened in 2007 after Constar Supply had outgrown its original location. 

The company also owns an adjacent 20,000-square-foot building that houses the rental operation and warehouse space for additional inventory. With this in place, construction teams can rent air compressors, sandblasters, power trowels, generators, ladders, pressure washers, saws and vacuums. 

Constar Supply designed the Clovis store with the customer in mind. With high ceilings and large, always-open loading bay doors, according to Contractor Supply magazine, the stores are filled with light to create an inviting atmosphere. Plus, aisles are wide for easy movement and product is displayed in a way that encourages impulse purchases.

Expanding Reach

To reach more customers in California, Constar Supply opened the Bakersfield location to supplement Clovis in 2012. Following the same model of the Clovis store, Bakersfield’s 8,000-square-foot store invites customers in a different area to work with Constar Supply. 

The new Bakersfield facility provides an outlet for excess inventory. This alleviates the need to buy more inventory for the new location and gives the Clovis store more breathing room. Thanks to the new location, the company told Contractor Supply magazine that it doubled its target numbers in the first month. But this created an issue in getting enough inventory to the new location to service so many people. 

Constar Supply then sped up its operations to keep up with the newly booming business. A transfer truck runs between the facilities, which are about 118 miles apart, on a daily basis. The transfer trucks help Constar Supply make on-time deliveries, transfer rentals between facilities and collect products for service at the Clovis tool repair shop. 

Constar Supply explains that it has tool repair services for contractors but does not do many actual repairs in-house, as it subs the work out to a company that does electric tools and another that repairs gas equipment.

When it opened the Bakersfield location in October 2012, more than 400 contractors and 20 manufacturing companies came out to support the grand opening and enjoy a free lunch, tool demonstration and free Constar Supply t-shirt and hat.

The company says it opened this facility to seize the opportunity to expand its location, especially when similar companies were downsizing or disappearing. Growing the business is always in the pipeline for Constar Supply. But it tries to find strategic locations so it is able to help customers within a 100-mile radius. Therefore, if the company opens a location in Sacramento in northern California, then it will have the entire San Joaquin Valley covered, Constar Supply says.

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