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Beaver SteelA strong focus on customer service combined with high-precision and high-capacity equipment helps Beaver Steel Services help its customers.

By Eric Slack

On a mission to succeed since H.A. Treser Jr. and his two oldest sons, Tony and Steve, founded Beaver Steel Services in 1989, the company is today a value-added steel service center and an HVAC wholesaler. Focused on steel and accessories for the HVAC contractor’s sheet metal shop market, the company has grown from its origins in Carnegie in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County. Started with a 15,000-square-foot warehouse as a sheet supplier to HVAC mechanical contractors, Beaver Steel acquired its present day property in 1995 at the opposite end of Carnegie and now occupies more than 120,000 square feet of warehouse and processing space.

“As an HVAC wholesaler, we focus on ways to help save money for our customers,” President Tony Treser says. “We try and tour their shops and understand their product flow. We take a look at what they do on a day-to-day basis or review large jobs they have coming up. Both our steel service center and HVAC wholesaler business units have a focus on solving customer problems with value-added products and services, while providing exceptional customer service.”

Knowing the Customer

To secure its place in the market, Beaver Steel spends a great deal of energy understanding its customers and their expectations. This has allowed the company to become a full-scale steel service center catering to HVAC mechanical contractors, steel manufacturers, job shops and fabricators.

Its customer base ranges from the largest commercial mechanical HVAC contractors to small mom-and-pop sheet metal shops and everything in between. Beaver Steel still believes in the idea that relationships are the basis of customer service, which is why it has a growing outside and inside salesforce that personally meets with customers and finds out what they really need to make their operations more efficient. Beaver Steel box

“By offering the best products in the industry, we have been able to spearhead one-of-a-kind programs such as pre-cut duct blanks and accessory packages, making a mechanical contractor’s job a lot more easy,” comments Kurt Treser, the HVAC general manager. “Steel customers look for material that is provided according to their specifications, of high quality and just in time for their production runs.”

In fact, Beaver Steel says it has saved many customers significant time and money through its custom duct blank program. This allows customers to buy the steel already cut to their specific sizes for their jobs, saving them significant time in the shop, eliminating scrap, and often saving them even more time in the field. Beaver Steel says these savings can exceed a true 20 percent reduction in both time and materials.

“Our customers thrive on quick service, sometimes even next-day service,” Treser says. “They need quality products that make the field installation process easier and more efficient at a reasonable price. Our desire for quality and performance has caused our customers to retain us as supplier partners for many years.”

In addition to value-added steel solutions, Beaver Steel has become known for its ability to offer one-stop shopping to commercial mechanical contractors. It can offer a full variety of accessories for the installation of full HVAC ventilation systems. Beaver Steel has shipped both domestically and internationally.

“We offer the finest in accessory products for our HVAC contractors, such as flange, hanger systems, insulation, adhesives and everything needed to install an HVAC system,” Treser says. “And we take the same approach as a value-added steel service center. We get to know our customers and find out how to save them money. We offer a wide range of flat roll and structural steel products, including Galvanized, Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled, Cold Rolled, Galvanneal and Galvalume, as well as Stainless Steel and Aluminum. We can also offer value-added services to assist our steel customers with first operational blanks,” according to Rick Brintzenhofe, the general manager of the steel service center.

Tools and Talent

To ensure strong customer service, Beaver Steel has built a team of competent customer service representatives who believe that communication is key to service. The company believes its customers keep coming back because of Beaver Steel’s commitment to staying on top of customer orders, making sure they are scheduled and delivered on time, and offering new opportunities and solutions to customers.

“Our customer service force works hand-in-hand with our outside sales representatives to understand customer requirements and needs,” Treser says. “Our staff participates in product training sessions so they are up-to-date with the newest and best products in our field. Having knowledgeable customer service representatives that really care for the customers is a big part of our success.”

Beaver Steel has continually invested back into the company to improve operational efficiencies. Just in the past year, Beaver Steel has upgraded its truck fleet with new company tractor trailers, a new fleet of propane operated fork lifts, and a new 72-inch Redbud cut-to-length blanking line that can cut a wide range of carbon flat rolled material. It also upgraded its original Iowa Precision Slear 1 multi-blanking line with a new uncoiling system, which continues to allow the company to cut extremely light material.

Additionally, because of changes in the market and higher expectations of steel service centers, Beaver Steel has added a new Trumpf 3,000-watt automated laser. This allows the company to offer laser-cut first-operational parts up to three-quarter inches in thickness. Coupled with an 80-inch by 160-inch table, Beaver Steel can offer the ability to cut larger parts than what has been available in the past.

“The addition of the high-precision and high-capacity equipment will allow us continued growth for the next three to five years,” Treser says. “The steel industry is facing significant challenges, as this has become a global marketplace with significant and unpredictable swings in steel costs and availability. It can also be a challenge to find skilled employees. But even with these challenges, we have assembled a great team of people and continue to look at adding the right people for continued growth.”

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