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By Alan Dorich

Security Systems of America (SSA) has been known for keeping clients safe for 45 years. “We’re a recognizable face within our region,” President Brice Beaver says. “We’ve been able to keep up with the demands of the marketplace.”

Based in Pittsburgh, SSA provides customized security systems for businesses and homes in its home city and the tri-state area. Beaver’s father, CEO Arthur Beaver, purchased the company in 1972, when it was more modestly sized.

“It essentially started off strictly as a burglar alarm company,” Brice Beaver recalls, noting that the company expanded its product lines and services to stay competitive. “Nowadays, we’re pretty much a full-service security integrator.”

The company also prides itself on providing efficient service. “We’ve always promoted ourselves as the local company,” he says. “We strive to service our customers within 24 to 48 hours.”

A Wide Reach

SSA serves a broad customer base that ranges from small homes to corporations that have appeared on top 500 lists. ”It’s pretty wide,” Beaver says. “We’re not just in one area.”

The company is finding the residential sector to be very competitive at the moment, Beaver says. “The trend is that people are looking at the cable companies for their security now,” he says.

“We see that as being too saturated for us,” he states. “That’s why we are kind of concentrating [more] on our commercial market.” But he asserts that the company’s mix of commercial and residential customers is nearly evenly split.

Ones to Rely On

Beaver praises the work of SSA’s distributors. “We get our products in a timely fashion,” he says, noting that this works well with the company’s model. security systems box

Because SSA does not carry a large inventory, “We do rely on our distributors getting us the product within the day or two days that we need,” he says. SSA uses several firms on the alarm side of the business.

The company also is a member-owner of PSA, a security network for the video system and access control side of the industry. “They put us in touch with all these different vendors that are part of that network,” he says.

Doing it Right

Beaver joined his family’s company in 2001 and is proud of its longevity in the industry. “We’ve done something right in our industry and we’re up against a lot of national companies,” he says. “We’re able to offer the same services they do.”

SSA also keeps up with trends. “If it’s something the industry is moving towards, we train our employees to offer those services,” he says. “We’re also not afraid to go into new areas of technology.”

SSA recently invested in a radio network, even though the features of the region made it challenging to implement. “In Pittsburgh, the topography is up and down with hills and valleys,” Beaver explains.

“We had to train our installers to invest more time putting in the radio in order to gain the best communication paths to our monitoring center,” he says. “This is giving us advantages against our competition as we are the owner of our own network offering the fastest and most reliable communication in our industry and we do not have to pay for any third-party services from other carriers.”

SSA aims to grow. “We’re always looking at acquiring companies to expand our regions and areas that we serve,” Beaver says. “We also are concentrating our efforts on trying to expand our fire alarm division.”

The company also wants to expand into new markets. For example, “We see ourselves getting into the DIY market and offering products and support services for the segment of the population who wish to purchase their system online,” he predicts.


Meeting All Needs

Security Systems of America (SSA) has the ability to provide standalone or fully integrated security systems for businesses of all sizes. “Whether or large or small, a single location or multiple sites, SSA has the experience and expertise to meet [the client’s] unique requirements,” it says.

Its video surveillance systems allow its customers to monitor their business from anywhere at any time. “SSA offers a wide variety of high-quality CCTV surveillance equipment for indoor or outdoor use that can be customized to meet [the client’s] needs,” the company says.

The firm also offers access control systems, allowing users to track who enters and leaves their buildings. “With our state-of-the-art technology using computers, readers, electronic locks and card keys, [they] can control who comes and goes, eliminating the need to replace keys and change locks,” SSA says.

“With a click of a mouse, [users] can lock or unlock doors, disable an employee’s access to a site or generate an activity report,” the company adds.

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