USA Wire & Cable has shipped electrical wire and cables around the globe, but when it comes to buying that copper wire the company sticks to home. All of USA Wire’s products come from American manufacturers, a point of pride for President Joe Navarro. “With a name of USA Wire & Cable, I don’t really care to support my competition in other countries,” he explains.

Navarro founded the company in 1990 and 2015 marks an important milestone for USA Wire. “It’s been a wonderful 25-year run,” Navarro says. With the growth in the energy markets, it appears the company is well positioned for the future, as well. Navarro describes the company as a “master distributor” that sells millions of feet of copper cable and all other types of specialty wire to customers in more than 50 countries and all 50 states. 

Wholesale distribution and warehouse companies in the northeastern United States look to one company to provide the lift trucks and other equipment they need to do their jobs. Since 1969, Northland Industrial Truck Co. (NITCO) Inc. has been a world-class solutions provider to a customer base with diverse mechanical and industrial-related requirements. 

“NITCO is dedicated to forming long-term relationships with organizations in the New England region and supporting these relationships through our fleet services group,” the company says. “Paramount to sustaining these relationships is achieving industry-leading excellence in customer satisfaction implemented through our most valued asset, NITCO team members.”

NetPlus Alliance is an attractive partner for distributors because it opens doors and builds relationships between its trusted manufacturers and members. “We are helping small businesses succeed by finding the right supplier for them, which helps them to be more competitive and profitable,” President Jennifer Murphy says. “We want to see businesses in this industry continue to succeed and grow.”

The Lockport, N.Y.-based company was built from Ward Brother’s Mill Supply Co., which was founded by Murphy’s great-great-uncles in 1931. Despite starting the business during the height of the Great Depression, the company had sales of just more than $100,000 in mill supplies, piping products and machining services. Ward Brother’s Mill Supply was passed down from generation to generation until it was sold in 1990.

After more than 80 years, family owned Masline Electronics Inc. thrives by focusing on ethics and integrity, Sales Manager and co-owner Jim Gerling says. “At the end of the day, we may take a little longer to make a decision, but we make sure it’s a sound decision,” he asserts.

Based in Rochester, N.Y., the company provides electronic components, including custom assemblies, kitting, lead-forming and final inspections. Gerling’s grandfather, Ed Masline, started Masline Electronics in 1932.

At first, it specialized in repairing radios and television sets. When Masline died in 1964, his wife, Winona Masline, took leadership of the company and transitioned it into OEM electronic component sales in 1990. 

HBBPro Sales Group didn’t let a slumping economy get in its way when the company entered the HVAC marketplace in 2007.

Tough economic times forced many companies to cut travel budgets and other expenses to save money. But HBBPro Sales Group saw an opportunity and took some bold steps in an effort to put the company on the map, co-owner Brian Bushnell says. “We traveled more, invested more,” he recalls. “I firmly believed the business was there.” The sales trips Bushnell and his initial partner, Jeff Hutton, made through Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana helped build the relationships that ultimately grew the company. “We were fortunate to meet some great people and built relationships in the market,” he says.

 HBBPro Sales Group is a leading representative for several HVAC manufacturers in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The company represents between 12 and 18 manufacturers in each of the states. It sells HVAC products to distributors, which sell them to contractors.

Employee Owned Holdings Inc.’s (EOHI) most important attribute can be found in its name. “We’re 100 percent employee owned,” CEO Richard Neels says. 

The benefits of an employee-owned company are many and none is more important than the stellar employee performance EOHI experiences on a daily basis, Neels says. 

After all, employees own the company and directly benefit from its performance. “Everyone has a skin in the game,” Neels says. “The performance we have from our employees is second to none. They’re building equity into the business.”

EOHI became 100 percent employee owned in 1996, 11 years after adopting an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). 

Ever wonder where somebody put the screwdriver? With Diverse Electronics’ new point-of-use dispensing machine, you’ll know who took it and whether it was put back. “We all know on a production floor things go missing,” President Rick Masciotra concedes. “This is something that really permits the customer to control the inventory and also properly evaluate its usage.”

Diverse’s industrial supply vending program system resembles a vending machine at the point-of-use on the production floor. The tool, part or whatever the company wants to control access to is stored in the vending machine and can only be obtained by use of an employee’s badge or a code. If a tool is not returned, management knows who had it last. 

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