Circle Tool Supply picWhen it comes to customer service, Circle Tool Supply exceeds expectations by providing its customers with timely and affordable products.
By Bianca Herron

Like all independent industrial distributors, Circle Tool Supply (CTS) faces the familiar challenges of a crowded, competitive market targeting the same customers. That’s why the Hammond, Ind.-based company must supply its products quickly, economically and flexibly when called on, President Chris Byrd says.

CTS has two warehouses and offices, located at its Indiana and Kansas City, Mo., locations, where it stocks thousands of products. These include hand and cutting tools, abrasives, power tools, safety equipment, MRO supplies and material handling equipment that helps its customers’ manufacturing processes.

Conney Safety ProductsAfter taking over the chassis market, TRAC Intermodal is pooling equipment to make the pick-up and drop-off experiences more efficient for customers.

By Tim O’Connor

When people think of cargo transportation they think about big ships pulling into port, railroads crossing the countryside and semi-trucks navigating spaghetti-like highway interchanges. But between those areas lies the connective fabric that links the transportation modes together: the chassis that containers ride on as they move from ship to rail to final destination. As the cargo industry changes, TRAC Intermodal has become the largest chassis pool manager and chassis supplier in North America, making it an invaluable part of the supply chain.

IMG 4176Alpena Supply Co. distributes plumbing, heating, cooling, piping, industrial and janitorial products to portions of the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.

When Michiganders want to explain where their town is located, they hold up their hand flat like a mitten and point to the spot on the hand – which is roughly the same shape as the lower peninsula of Michigan – where their town is located. For Alpena Supply Co., its three branch locations are mostly around the “fingertips” in a fresh, unspoiled portion of the state.

“We cover part of the upper peninsula as well as the lower peninsula,” President Bill Kelly explains. “We’re pretty active in close to 24 or 25 counties that we’re serving into the upper northern  part of the Lower Peninsula and the eastern side of the Upper Peninsula.” Alpena Supply’s territory extends roughly down to the knuckles on the “hand.”

Alpena Supply Co. distributes plumbing, heating, cooling, piping, industrial and janitorial products from its headquarters in Alpena, Mich., and from two other branch it has acquired and renamed Great Lakes Pipe and Supply in Petoskey and Gaylord, Mich.

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