DGI picDGI Supply has transcended its corporate origins to become a single-source, value-added supplier of sawing, cutting tool and other MRO products.

By Jim Harris

For the first 50 years of its history, DoALL Sawing Products specialized in selling and manufacturing sawing products. These products were ingrained in the company’s identity since 1927, when DoALL was established by Leighton Wilkie, the inventor of the bandsaw. 

Wilkie would further perfect his invention in 1933, when he developed the first bandsaw able to cut metal. This innovation led its saws and related products to become staples on the manufacturing floors of automotive and industrial manufacturers across the United States.

Over time, the company added other cutting tools and industrial supplies to its offerings. In the early 2000s, it reached a turning point because it had begun to offer not just its own products, but those manufactured by other suppliers.

The rise of the company’s distribution business led it in 2004 to form DGI Supply. “[DoALL] wanted the distribution business to have an identity of its own, instead of having our customers think solely of us as the sawing guys,” says Jim Rudolph, vice president of information systems for the Wheeling, Ill.-based company.

FinishmasterFinishMaster is dedicated to going above and beyond when it comes to servicing its customers in the automotive aftermarket industry.

By Stephanie Crets

FinishMaster has grown from a single outlet to more than 205 locations in 32 states since its founding in 1968.  With more than 1,800 team members, the company’s combined experience and knowledge enables it to provide customers with the best automotive and industrial paint products and services needed to grow their businesses.  Through exceptional customer service and a commitment to its core values, FinishMaster has become a leader in the automotive aftermarket.

“I believe we’re the leader in providing value to our customers because of our people,” President and COO Steve Arndt says. “All of our team members strive to wow our customers and give them the greatest experience whether they have been here for 30 years or 18 months. We’re a united team in that way. Culture will eat strategy’s lunch every day, and if you have the right culture, your strategy will follow. That philosophy has put FinishMaster in a leadership position.”

Circle Tool Supply picWhen it comes to customer service, Circle Tool Supply exceeds expectations by providing its customers with timely and affordable products.
By Bianca Herron

Like all independent industrial distributors, Circle Tool Supply (CTS) faces the familiar challenges of a crowded, competitive market targeting the same customers. That’s why the Hammond, Ind.-based company must supply its products quickly, economically and flexibly when called on, President Chris Byrd says.

CTS has two warehouses and offices, located at its Indiana and Kansas City, Mo., locations, where it stocks thousands of products. These include hand and cutting tools, abrasives, power tools, safety equipment, MRO supplies and material handling equipment that helps its customers’ manufacturing processes.

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