FloWorks InternationalFloWorks International opens a state-of-the-art facility in Texas to better serve its customers, further solidifying its position as an industry leader. 

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

What’s in a name? Everything for FloWorks International, which last year completed its rebranding to better communicate its specialty and unite its group of companies into one with a common vision and goals. “Rebranding to FloWorks actually identifies what we do in our business, which is supply flow solution products, services and technical expertise for used in the transmission of oil, gas, chemical liquids, water, steam and various other forms of media in a multitude of different industries,” Chief Commercial Officer Rob Beardmore says.

MM Supply picM&M Supply plans to enjoy healthy business in 2017. 

By Alan Dorich

Customers can depend on M&M Supply Co. to come through in a pinch, CEO Randy Trachtenberg says. “Our attitude is we don’t say ‘no,’” he states. “If a customer calls and says, ‘We need a two-inch valve at four o’clock in the afternoon,’ they will have a two-inch valve at 3:55.”

Based in Oklahoma City with corporate ofices in OKC and Duncan, Okla., M&M operates 13 stores in Oklahoma and Texas that sell oilfield and industrial supplies. The company started operations in 1948, but Trachtenberg acquired M&M in 2007, after gaining experience in oilfield supply.

“It was a family run business, which I’m well versed in,” he recalls, noting that he directed M&M to move towards a more disciplined corporate culture. “But we haven’t lost our core value, which is service.”

BlueLinx picBlueLinx Corp.’s nationwide presence and fleet investments ensure its retail and other customers receive building materials quickly.
By Jim Harris

BlueLinx Holdings Inc. Senior Fleet Manager Bob Driver is proud of his company’s ability to quickly reach customers, regardless of where they are in the United States.

“We get our products out to our customers on time because we have a huge footprint with regard to the number of distribution centers we operate,” he says. The company operates 38 distribution centers across the country, each of which covers a 200-mile radius. BlueLinx also uses third-party logistics providers as needed to reach certain areas.

Security Systems picSSA evolves to maintain its clients’ security.
By Alan Dorich

Security Systems of America (SSA) has been known for keeping clients safe for 45 years. “We’re a recognizable face within our region,” President Brice Beaver says. “We’ve been able to keep up with the demands of the marketplace.”

Based in Pittsburgh, SSA provides customized security systems for businesses and homes in its home city and the tri-state area. Beaver’s father, CEO Arthur Beaver, purchased the company in 1972, when it was more modestly sized.

“It essentially started off strictly as a burglar alarm company,” Brice Beaver recalls, noting that the company expanded its product lines and services to stay competitive. “Nowadays, we’re pretty much a full-service security integrator.”

Montana picCable distributor Montana is expanding its product and service offerings for the New York construction market.

By Tim O’Connor

The construction market has rebounded across the country since the Great Recession, bringing jobs and activity back into the industry. In few places is that recovery more evident than New York City.

The New York Building Congress forecasts that construction spending and employment are approaching or exceeding record territory. The organization estimated that construction spending reached $43.1 billion in the Big Apple in 2016, exceeding $40 billion for the first time. A total of $127.5 billion worth of building is expected to occur through 2018.


DGI picDGI Supply has transcended its corporate origins to become a single-source, value-added supplier of sawing, cutting tool and other MRO products.

By Jim Harris

For the first 50 years of its history, DoALL Sawing Products specialized in selling and manufacturing sawing products. These products were ingrained in the company’s identity since 1927, when DoALL was established by Leighton Wilkie, the inventor of the bandsaw. 

Wilkie would further perfect his invention in 1933, when he developed the first bandsaw able to cut metal. This innovation led its saws and related products to become staples on the manufacturing floors of automotive and industrial manufacturers across the United States.

Over time, the company added other cutting tools and industrial supplies to its offerings. In the early 2000s, it reached a turning point because it had begun to offer not just its own products, but those manufactured by other suppliers.

The rise of the company’s distribution business led it in 2004 to form DGI Supply. “[DoALL] wanted the distribution business to have an identity of its own, instead of having our customers think solely of us as the sawing guys,” says Jim Rudolph, vice president of information systems for the Wheeling, Ill.-based company.

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