Wildman Business Group has been offering laundry services in north-central Indiana since 1952. But as it diversified into additional businesses, growth accelerated. “We’ve been growing about 15 percent on average with our distribution companies,” CEO Josh Wildman reports. “Since the year 2000, we have completed four five-year strategic plans, each one being accomplished a year ahead of schedule. Our revenue today is 10 times what it was 15 years ago, going from 60 employees to 216, and it’s all organic growth. We are currently planning our next five-year plan, set to launch in October.”

When it comes to growth and building its marketshare, “the sky’s the limit” for SpaceGuard Products, President and Owner Eddie Murphy says. “I’m proud of the fact that we are a second-generation business that’s been profitable and grown 10 percent a year while remaining family owned,” says Murphy, who purchased the company in 2012. 

When he joined the company as its sales manager in 2008, Murphy initially helped SpaceGuard grow by overhauling its sales and marketing staff. From there, he helped build its reputation among target industries. “Our reputation is what I’m most proud of. I’ve put my personal name on everything we do. We go above and beyond the call of duty for our customers, from giving a quicker response time on a quotation to generating qualified sales leads specific to a distributor,” he says. “When a customer has an issue, I don’t hesitate to take ownership of it. 

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