Celebrating its 45th anniversary in northern Virginia, Abel Industries Inc. is enjoying the economic stability of the region in its sales of janitorial cleaning chemicals, equipment and supplies. “We do warehousing, merchandising and training, and we sell to a variety of customers in Washington, D.C.,” President and founder Peter Homan says.  

Homan calls northern Virginia a “growing market.” He says that six of the 10 counties in the region have the highest standard of living and gross income in the United States. Abel Industries distributes to three major metropolitan areas – the Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Richmond, Va., metropolitan areas – within approximately 100 miles of its headquarters in Dumfries, Va., 30 miles south of Washington, D.C.

Young Supply is committed to making customers’ business lives as easy as possible. For the company, this means being accessible anytime and anywhere it is needed. 

The company operates 17 branch locations throughout the state of Michigan as well as in Toledo and Holland, Ohio, and offers 24/7, 365-day-a-year service. “We will do whatever it takes for our customers,” the company says. “We are the premier refrigeration and air conditioning wholesale supply house in Michigan and Ohio.”

When contractors are seeking dry HVAC products, slit sheet metal or metal production equipment, Hercules Industries is the answer for all three. “As far as presence in the market, I’m not aware of anybody who offers the variety of products that we do in the footprint that we serve,” President Andy Newland says. “We are a little unique in that there are not many distributors that have the variety of product that we offer.”

When offering flat rolled steel sheet and coil, Hercules Industries competes primarily with metal service centers. Hercules also supplies furnaces and air conditioning units as an equipment company does. The company offers supplies such as grilles, registers, diffusers, insulation and metal ducting. Additionally, it sells and services new and used equipment such as press brakes, roll-formers and shears to manufacturers.

In the two years CEO Frank Riddick has been at the helm of FloWorks International, his major focus has been to knit the Shale Inland Holdings LLC group of companies into an integrated, value-added supplier of pipes, valves and fittings and transform the group into one company with a common vision and goals. With the change in strategy, it became obvious that a change in name was essential.

The decision to make the significant change came after considerable thought and consideration. 

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