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Heat Transfer salesQuality equipment offerings and extensive services are at the core of Heat Transfer Sales of the Carolinas’ approach to business.

By Eric Slack

Founded in 1971, Heat Transfer Sales of the Carolinas has succeeded by understanding the importance of responding to customer needs and solving problems. Serving building owners, engineers, contractors and wholesalers, the company provides hydronic HVAC and engineered plumbing equipment and solutions used in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. But Heat Transfer Sales believes it has to provide not only equipment but also value-added services and solutions.

“With relevant experience, our founders built a wonderful foundation for our business with viable lines and loyal customers,” President Jeff Vestal says.

Fully Stocked

Today, Heat Transfer Sales is celebrating its 45th anniversary. The company serves building owners, specifying engineers, installation and service contractors, and wholesalers and distributors in light commercial, industrial and institutional setting. This includes everything from banks, manufacturing plants, colleges and universities, community centers and apartment buildings to hotels, hospitals, churches, research and development facilities, restaurants, shopping centers and more.      heat transfer box

The company represents and partners with HVAC and plumbing equipment manufacturers known for high-quality, high-performing equipment. This allows the company to provide solutions that are engineered for maximum building comfort and efficiency through products such as pumps, pump packages, pump controls, boilers and water heaters, flow control and balance, and hydronic and steam specialties.

Heat Transfer Sales’ services include pre-design system consideration, engineered solutions in building specifications, installation guidance for the construction phase, troubleshooting service problems and efficient replacement equipment. The company’s experienced professionals understand engineered HVAC and plumbing systems. Its engineers can evaluate system requirements, anticipate changes in demand, select the best equipment for the job and offer responsive and customer-oriented solutions when clients need them.

Additionally, the company’s suite of customer services include inside sales associates who can provide answers regarding stock, order status, product selection and more. It has a warehouse stocked with a variety of pumps, boilers, air control and specialty items, and parts are often in stock and can be shipped on the same day ordered. Heat Transfer Sales also offers in-house pump repair service and has after-hours customer service and field technicians on call for emergencies.

“People analyze markets like ours from many different perspectives. A very common market perspective, which we also use, is of end-users, distribution organizations, engineers and contractors. Always present for us is the highly technical nature of the products we sell,” Vestal says. “We also have to look at our market from the perspective of where the customer stands. They may not really know what they need, but they know they have a problem that needs solving. They look to us for solutions.”

Above and Beyond

As it has always done, Heat Transfer Sales knows that it must change with the times. Traditionally, companies in its business could rely on contracts with product manufacturers that provided a level of exclusivity. But Vestal says that kind of agreement is fading because people can access product via the Internet and manufacturers want more sales.

“We could view this dilemma and fight for the territorial protection, but, honestly, what keeps us viable is that customers want to work with us specifically,” Vestal says. “We have good lines that are reputable, but the customers have to want to work with us. They come to us for the service and the knowledge we provide. The availability of information, along with changes in purchasing, is changing the environment in which we work. We choose to embrace it.”

That is why Heat Transfer Sales is fundamentally focused on providing the highest level of service that it can. In the last few years it has built its customer service department to be able to provide better phone support to clients. The company has also built out its service department so it could expand its ability to provide service on equipment.

“We don’t compete with service contractors,” Vestal says. “Our focus is on helping the customers. In fact, our service techs spend time every day training service contractors.”

Heat Transfer Sales has put a lot of emphasis into getting better control over inventory management to be sure it has the equipment customers are looking for when they need it. Investing in better inventory management controls has been about providing better service to customers to ensure strong customer relations.

“We have a 24/7 emergency parts and equipment phone line and we can rebuild pumps,” Vestal says. “People appreciate that service. Those services are not about making money. They are about keeping people happy. We believe a culture focused on helping customers will allow us to become a preferred option on a grass roots level, slowly and over time.”

To allow Heat Transfer Sales to stay on the road to more decades of business, the company knows it must do all it can to recruit the right people to fit its culture. It needs a deep base of talent that can provide sales, service and beyond. Its people need multiple skillsets, such as engineers with technical and business sense. To ensure a strong workforce, Heat Transfer Sales must be innovative in every area, from training and compensation to benefits and flexibility. These are all challenges that Heat Transfer Sales welcomes. Whatever the company is doing, it must be working since it was recently named as one of the top ten places to work in North Carolina by Business North Carolina magazine.

“Our industry hasn’t always been nimble and easy to change,” Vestal says. “Fortunately, everyone likes to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That gives the HVAC and plumbing world longevity. Our market is a wonderful place for a career, but the challenge is to get people to see the light about what our industry and our company has to offer.” 

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