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LibertyElectric9Liberty Electric Sales continues to grow and plans to expand into new East Coast territories.  

By Kat Zeman

Liberty Electric Sales does more than its name suggests. While its outside salesforce focuses on onsite customer relationships, its engineering team works with engineers, architects, contractors, distributors, industrial users, OEMs and building owners to develop custom solutions for their businesses.

“We are about more than just sales,” says Ed McMahon, owner and president. “We work with architects and engineers to develop a specific system for them.”

The 30-year-old Syracuse, N.Y.-based company is a leading manufacturer’s representative to the electrical, HVAC and mechanical industry with a sales force that covers four major market areas in upstate New York. For more than three decades, the company has been providing consultations, site surveys, engineering advice and product solutions and services to its customers in the industrial, medical, aerospace, defense and transportation markets.

“We’ve been around for 30 years,” McMahon says. “Most companies fade away and grow smaller, but we’re the opposite.” The company has experienced consistent growth and continues adding new lines to its product portfolio, he adds.

Liberty Electric specializes in plan and spec, distributor relationship and education, as well as design/build equipment sales of customized systems. That includes HVAC systems, process heating and sensing, and control equipment systems.

On the Horizon

Though the company operates in New York, it is exploring the possibility of expanding into New England within the next few years. “We are looking to acquire certain companies that offer engineering types of products that are similar to electric heat,” McMahon says. “And we could see our business doubling if we expand into New England.” Liberty Electric box

Liberty Electric represents all leading manufacturers in its industry and has roughly 500 active customers and 50 business partners, he adds. Its customers and partners include industry giants such IBM, XEROX, GE Energy, DuPont, Kraft, Chobani Greek Yogurt and National Fuel Oil Inc.

The Heat Is On

Residential and commercial heating products make up one of the largest chunks of business for Liberty Electric. It sells a wide range of electric, radiant and infrared heaters for residential, commercial and industrial use. Products range from specially designed heating units for installation in concealed spaces to garage heaters, baseboard heaters and unit heaters.

Electric comfort heaters are popular applications for commercial and industrial clients due to their efficiency and economical price tags. They are known for applying safe, clean and fast heat while their heavy-duty construction affords long and dependable service. “Any type of electric heating solution you can imagine, we have a product for it,” McMahon says.

The company also offers a variety of industrial process electric heating equipment that ranges from standard to complex. It includes anything from standard pipe thread immersion heaters to complete heat transfer systems and skid-mounted circulation heaters.

The industrial process heaters are customized to each customer’s specified requirements. Each unit is designed to meet the customer's specific process flow conditions, temperature rise requirements and desired thermal efficiency. This includes providing various specified instrumentation and control devices for each application.

Liberty Electric also sells component heaters. By themselves, these heaters meet many basic heating needs. But they can also be customized and integrated into more complex heating systems. Shape and size most often are the determining factor in most heater applications. Liberty Electric carries a wide selection of standard component commercial heaters in many shapes, sizes and wattages.

Breathe Easy 

Liberty Electric also offers a number of products designed to keep indoor air at a comfortable temperature and humidity level and free of pollutants. It works with several different companies that design and manufacture ventilation systems. Their products include exhaust fans, air doors, air vents, air circulators, air curtains, bath vents and ceiling fans. These products are suitable for anything from a single-family home to a school, restaurant and manufacturing facility. 

The company also sells a lot of air doors and curtains, mainly to commercial and industrial customers and to those in the food service industry. Air doors and curtains prevent heating or air conditioning from escaping through open doors and provide sizeable energy savings along with insect control.

Liberty Electric catalogs more than 400 different configurations of air curtains. It has a number of models designed specifically for grocery stores, offices, convenience stores, warehouses and retailer stores.

Fans are another popular item for both residential and commercial customers. Liberty Electric prides itself on offering some of the most state-of-art home ventilation solutions available in today’s market. They include an assortment of bathroom exhaust fans, continuous operation exhaust fans for the entire house, inline exhaust fans, under-cabinet range hoods, professional range hoods and humidifiers, industrial-grade air circulating fans and commercial-grade air circulating fans.

Pipes and Snow

Liberty Electric also provides technologically advanced solutions such as electric floor heating, snow melting, roof deicing, gutter melting and heat trace systems.

Pipe tracing systems, also known as heat tracing, are commonly used to ensure that fluid or temperatures within a piping system are maintained above ambient temperatures during static flow conditions.

Liberty Electric offers cables, controls and panels that keep water flowing at ambient temperatures and are suitable for damp, corrosive and hazardous locations. In addition, the company sells snow-melting systems that keep snow and ice from accumulating in areas such as walkways, entrances, parking garage ramps, loading ramps and stairways.

The company says that installing electric snow-melting systems saves its customers money on snow removal and helps avoid slips and falls as well as damage to expensive flooring caused by tracked-in sand, salt or other chemicals used to melt ice. Its line of snow-melting controls and sensors ranges from single-point on/off snow switches to multi-point distributed systems.

Safety and Power

Aside from its heating and ventilation products, Liberty Electric offers a variety of safety and power products designed to protect personnel and equipment. It distributes products like light curtains, interlock switches and mats and laser scanners. Among other things, these products are designed to detect if machine doors are closed prior to operation and offer procedures for emergency stops that will shut a system down.

The company’s power products line features a variety of turnkey conversion solutions that include power systems, power supplies, inductive components and electronic ballasts from some of the industry’s top manufacturers. The custom-designed systems utilize comprehensive power electronics, magnetics and digital/analog control capabilities to deliver precise power to a customer’s application.

Technically Inclined

Founded in 1987, Liberty Electric has become a respected name in its industry. Its distributors and contractors rely on the company to assure that the solution it provides exceeds customers’ expectations. The company attributes its success to market awareness, years of application experience and superior customer service.

“We’re different because we’re very technical,” McMahon says. “We can provide technical support where others can’t. We’ve been doing this for a long time.”

Liberty Electric offers a number of services that provide its clients with support that ranges from design and engineering to order management and product training. It offers onsite field support and training programs. The company has four offices and a full sales team throughout New York and Pennsylvania.

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