Wilfred Goldschmidt founder and Bud Hicks from Dongan ManufacturingGES Goldschmidt sharpens its product portfolio and begins to offer consulting services to strengthen relationships with end customers in the electrical market.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

GES Goldschmidt is in its third generation of ownership and celebrating 80 years as a manufacturer’s representative serving the electrical market. President Steve Goldschmidt is focused on making the company the best it can be in its three-state territory by being a one-stop-shop and true resource for its customers.

RC BremerR.C. Bremer’s focus on staying current makes it a leader.
By Alan Dorich

For 35 years, R.C. Bremer Marketing Associates Inc. has kept its employees focused on working hard. “Everyone asks, ‘What do you expect out of your employees?’” President Joe Falk says.

“My answer to that is to get out of bed and go to work every day,” he explains. “If you can get your employees to abide by that simple rule, [your sales will grow].”

               SESCO Lighting pixSESCO Lighting leverages its resources and expertise to expand throughout the Southeast.

By Chris Kelsch

Sometimes you can be the biggest and the best. When Todd Langner came aboard SESCO Lighting in 2008, it was already one of the largest lighting manufacturers’ representative firms, dominating the southeastern United States. Langner had a vision, one that would entail launching several new divisions and hiring noted experts from outside the company. “When I interviewed with the company’s leaders, I knew I wanted to be involved and make it grow,” Langner recalls. “I had two great mentors in Marshall Graham and (founder) Mike Segal.”

Langner originally came on board as vice president of business development but ascended to president and CEO in 2016. The company has seen nonstop growth since then, as it celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017.  “When it comes to lighting, with the resources we have created coupled with our vast footprint, my goal was to ensure there was only one name associated with lighting in the southeastern United States,” Langner says. “And that’s SESCO.”

Garnett ComponentsGarnett Component Sales provides OEMs with highly engineered components used in a variety of applications and industries.
By Jim Harris

When manufacturers in the southeastern United States need a highly engineered part or component, they look to Garnett Component Sales Inc. “Our professionalism, industry knowledge and geographic footprint set us apart,” says Tommy Garnett, president and CEO of the Wake Forest, N.C.-based manufacturer’s representative agency. “We are highly sophisticated, and can offer our sales representatives and clients benefits that perhaps other agencies in this region cannot.”

The company has outside sales representatives located throughout its seven-state territory of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky; as well as in Mexico. In addition to its headquarters in  Wake Forest, N.C., Garnett Component Sales operates branches in Duluth, Ga.; Greenville, S.C.; Nashville; and Guadalajara, Mexico. Being located near many of its clients allows sales representatives to respond to customers on a timely basis in person as well as through e-mail or by phone, Garnett adds.

GandS Industrial picG&S Sales makes sure it has the products its customers need.
By Alan Dorich

There is strong competition in the Salt Lake City market, but G&S Sales Inc. is not worried. “We’re absolutely at what we feel is the top of the heap,” President Clay Smith says. “We’re the biggest agency here.”

The manufacturer’s representative serves the plumbing and irrigation sectors. G&S Sales started operations in 1990 when Bill Godwin and John Schultz merged their companies, BBG and Associates and JWS Sales.

“[They] figured they could go a lot further together,” says Smith, who joined the company as an outside salesman in 1999. “We’ve done nothing but grow since then.”

Frey GaedeFrey Gaede’s relationships allow it to grow and thrive in changing markets.

By Chris Kelsch

As any successful manufacturer’s representative will tell you, the key to success in the industry, regardless of the product, is developing relationships with both manufacturers and prospective clients.

That has certainly been the case with Frey Gaede. The company was founded in 1948 by Arthur Frey, landing its first contract with Banker’s Box, an Illinois-based manufacturer of storage boxes for bank records. That company is still in business today (now known as Fellowes), and Frey Gaede has since grown to be one of the premier manufacturing representative groups in the country.

Frey Gaede has a staff of 26 that covers 25 states in the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest. The group specializes in office supplies, contract furniture, janitorial and safety products.

Summit Sales picSummit Sales Inc. maintains close ties to its sales staff and territories.
By Jim Harris

The territories in which Summit Sales Inc.’s salespeople work are more than just places where they call on customers – they’re also where they call home. Each member of the Olathe, Kan.-based manufacturer’s representative’s outside staff lives within the company’s major markets, which include the state of Kansas as well as Missouri and southern Illinois.

One of the company’s largest markets is in Wichita, Kan., where an outside sales representative serving that city as well as the western part of the state lives. “That’s a very big market for us,” President Paul Zeller says. “We have a lot of business in western Kansas as well as in the Kansas City market, so having a person living in a major market like Wichita instead of trying to cover it out of Kansas City a few hours away is a big advantage for us. This means he can be at a customer’s place of business right away if needed. A lot of other manufacturer’s representative companies in our region couldn’t get someone out that quickly, so we feel that’s a huge advantage for us.”


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