Summertime is synonymous with cheering the home team at baseball games, lounging at the beach and honoring the tradition of road trips with family and friends. People just hop into their cars without giving a second thought to the mechanics that enables them to take off and enjoy a summer day. And that’s the way Busche – CNC likes it.

In any industry, reliability is a major selling point for a manufacturer’s products. But in the petroleum industry, where, for example, an offshore rig forced to shut down due to faulty equipment can result in losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars per day, reliability is imperative.

And that is where Baker Oil Tools comes in. The Houston-based company has earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in providing solutions to help exploration and production companies maximize value from their hydrocarbon-bearing assets. The company’s customers include major oil companies, like Shell and Chevron; smaller, independent oil companies across the United States; and, overseas, national oil companies.

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