Added Sales Co.’s business is focused on products, but its success really depends on its people, President Jim Tracey says. “We treat our employees the way we want to be treated ourselves,” he says. “In return, what we get is excellent work and loyalty.”

Based in Wood Dale, Ill., Added Sales represents 15 companies that manufacture plumbing, heating and electrical products. The company started operations in 1953, during “the infancy of the rep business in the Chicagoland area,” Tracey says. “Our company was probably the first to take plumbing into the hardware side of the business.”

Since the 1830s, railroads have been a mainstay for transport across the United States. It wasn’t until 1982 when the railroads were deregulating that rail lines could contract services from outside vendors. As a result of this action, Georgetown Rail Equipment Co. (GREX) was able to demonstrate its innovations to the industry. The privately owned research and development firm, founded in 1992, offers a range of technologies to solve railroad concerns that have existed since the industry’s infancy.

In 1990, Dr. John Young co-founded Inteplast Group Ltd. with the be­lief that the United States could still create a competitive manufacturing org­anization in spite of the long-term, general decline in its manufacturing sector. The company’s success is a product of the pursuit of integration, economies of scale, strong management and teamwork. Inteplast has es­s­entially provided a model of how future manufacturing organizations can grow in the United States.

Gardner Denver is proof that a successful company never stops trying to improve itself. Already a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of compressors, pumps and blowers and marking its 150th anniversary last year, the company has recently undertaken a massive culture shift toward leaner production and a stronger concentration on listening to the customer. Gary Gillespie, Director of Sales and Marketing for the compressor business within the Industrial Products Group, says the initiative is the passion of CEO Barry Pennypacker, who was named to the position in early 2008.

Columbia Laboratories Inc. is in the business of ensuring women’s health. As the pharmaceuticals development company tends to its calling, President and CEO Frank C. Condella Jr. tends to Columbia Labs itself, making sure its partnerships and financials lead to sustainable growth.

He joined the board of directors in March 2009. Shortly after, the board tasked Condella with managing a partnering process for its late-stage development product, PROCHIEVE.

Summertime is synonymous with cheering the home team at baseball games, lounging at the beach and honoring the tradition of road trips with family and friends. People just hop into their cars without giving a second thought to the mechanics that enables them to take off and enjoy a summer day. And that’s the way Busche – CNC likes it.

In any industry, reliability is a major selling point for a manufacturer’s products. But in the petroleum industry, where, for example, an offshore rig forced to shut down due to faulty equipment can result in losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars per day, reliability is imperative.

And that is where Baker Oil Tools comes in. The Houston-based company has earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in providing solutions to help exploration and production companies maximize value from their hydrocarbon-bearing assets. The company’s customers include major oil companies, like Shell and Chevron; smaller, independent oil companies across the United States; and, overseas, national oil companies.

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