Thomasson Marketing GroupThomasson Marketing Group helps end-users and distributors assemble technology into cohesive systems.

By Tim O’Connor

The past 20 years saw a shift in how manufacturers bring their products to market. As the cost of maintaining inventory rose, manufacturers decided they no longer wanted to be distributors. They chose to focus on their core competencies: developing and producing products based on market need. The actual sale of those products to end-users was increasingly left to distributors.

As the responsibilities shifted, the importance of distributors began to increase. “They do so many things that get overlooked,” says Jordan Thomasson, president and CEO of Thomasson Marketing Group (TMG). “Distribution provides an invaluable service to manufacturer’s representatives, to end-users, to everyone around.”

Southwest Electrical picSouthwest Electrical Group focuses on networks and security but is exploring new revenue streams. 

By Kat Zeman

Even the most difficult puzzles have solutions. Southwest Electrical Group Inc. (SEGI) is in the business of finding them.

When it comes to network infrastructure, security systems and electrical specialty products, SEGI has solved thousands of puzzles for its clients. The Tempe, Ariz.-based company is a leading manufacturer’s representative that specializes in finding its clients custom and tailored business solutions in the Rocky Mountain and Desert Southwest areas.

LibertyElectric9Liberty Electric Sales continues to grow and plans to expand into new East Coast territories.  

By Kat Zeman

Liberty Electric Sales does more than its name suggests. While its outside salesforce focuses on onsite customer relationships, its engineering team works with engineers, architects, contractors, distributors, industrial users, OEMs and building owners to develop custom solutions for their businesses.

“We are about more than just sales,” says Ed McMahon, owner and president. “We work with architects and engineers to develop a specific system for them.”

12005A 107R.C. Sales & Service LLC is proud to represent top-of-the-line plumbing and HVAC manufacturers and their products.
By Jim Harris

Whenever wholesale distributors in Illinois and Indiana need industry-leading hot water heaters and boilers, they look to R.C. Sales & Service LLC.

“Our greatest strength as a company is our product knowledge, application knowledge and our expertise in water heaters and hydronic equipment,” says Michael Dore, principal of the Downers Grove, Ill.-based manufacturer’s representative. “Our knowledge and skill in working with engineers, contractors and wholesalers helps them design, sell and install hot water and hydronic systems that work.

“Our customers rely on us,” he adds. “If there’s a problem on a job, they can call us and we shall meet them on the jobsite and resolve the issue.”

Zoo Interchange Project

In an ever-changing industry, I.S.K. Industries is working towards being at the forefront of the next big technological innovation.

By Bianca Herron

Ever since Irving S. Kemp founded I.S.K. Industries Inc. in 1928, the company has continued to build its business on forging strong relationships, solving customer problems and providing lasting solutions.

Nearly 90 years later, I.S.K. is one of the Midwest’s premier manufacturer’s representative firms, active in the industrial, construction, safety and consumer home hardware markets.

Wilfred Goldschmidt founder and Bud Hicks from Dongan ManufacturingGES Goldschmidt sharpens its product portfolio and begins to offer consulting services to strengthen relationships with end customers in the electrical market.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

GES Goldschmidt is in its third generation of ownership and celebrating 80 years as a manufacturer’s representative serving the electrical market. President Steve Goldschmidt is focused on making the company the best it can be in its three-state territory by being a one-stop-shop and true resource for its customers.

RC BremerR.C. Bremer’s focus on staying current makes it a leader.
By Alan Dorich

For 35 years, R.C. Bremer Marketing Associates Inc. has kept its employees focused on working hard. “Everyone asks, ‘What do you expect out of your employees?’” President Joe Falk says.

“My answer to that is to get out of bed and go to work every day,” he explains. “If you can get your employees to abide by that simple rule, [your sales will grow].”

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