Founded in 1945 as Southeastern Beverages Inc., a lot has changed about Craig Distributing over the years. However, one thing that has always remained true about the company is its commitment to providing the best possible services to its Indiana communities. 

Craig Distributing has been an exclusive Anheuser-Busch product line distributor for close to a decade. The company also has a Nestle division. Headquartered in Aurora, Ind., the company was once owned by a number of stakeholders. Today, the company is solely owned by Richard Craig.

Over the years, the company has grown naturally and through acquisition. In 1984, it purchased K & L Distributing of Rising Sun, Ind., followed by the 1989 purchase of Ohio Valley Beverage and a move to Aurora, Ind.

Craig came to the business in 1999 as executive vice president before purchasing shares of company stock and becoming a co-owner. That same year, the company purchased A-B Beverage of Brookville, Ind., and acquired the distribution rights to Ripley County from North Vernon Beverage Co. Inc.

Between 2004 and 2010, Craig purchased additional shares in the company, eventually becoming the sole owner. In 2005, the company moved to a new facility in Aurora, and it changed its name to Craig Distributing Co. Inc. in 2011.

For Casey’s General Store, the key to success is not always sales. Instead, the relationships the company forms are most important, according to Chairman and CEO Robert J. Myers says. “Our business is always about people,” he declares.

“That’s our total focus,” he says, noting that this is reflected in Casey’s relationships with customers, employees and the other firms it partners with. “[It translates] into the great performance of the company.”

Based in Ankeny, Iowa, with a presence in 14 states, Casey’s operates convenience stores that sell groceries, prepared food and fuel. The company’s history goes back to 1959, when co-founder Don Lamberti leased a store from his father in Des Moines, Iowa.

Nine years later, at the suggestion of his friend and Casey’s co-founder, Kurvin C. Fish, he purchased the Square Deal Oil Co., which operated a service station and three-bay garage in Boone, Iowa.

Ben E. Keith Co., a Fort Worth, Texas-based distributor of foodservice products and beverages, opened a new warehouse facility to improve service and call one of its longtime service areas home.

The 475,000-square-foot facility is located on 82 acres in Missouri City, Texas, and distributes foodservice products to the Houston, southeast Texas and southern Louisiana regions, Foods President Mike Roach says. Ben E. Keith has been delivering products and building relationships in the region for more than 20 years. “The core business will be the same, but the facility has a number of advancements built into it,” he adds. The new distribution center offers 17,000 items to its customers to fulfill any foodservice operator’s needs.

“Working as One” motto can be found in the bronze statue that visitors will encounter upon their arrival at Ben E. Keith’s Houston Division. Texas artist Jack Bryant Jr., cast the bronze in 2013 upon the opening of the facility. The statue depicts rider and horse “working as one” to cut the calf from the herd. Its concept captures the spirit of unity, focus, purpose and cooperation embraced by the Houston Division. 

In the alcoholic beverage industry, some companies gain a bad reputation by the actions of people who do not use their products responsibly. To combat the potential for a negative reputation, Gold Coast Beverage Distributors Inc. has been closely involved in promoting moderation in the consumption of its products.

PepsiCo reaches consumers in more than 200 countries and has 18 product lines that generate more than $1 billion in retail sales each year. In 2008, the company had more than $43 billion in annual revenues while employing 198,000 people. These numbers make it quite clear that PepsiCo has a major market impact. What it doesn’t want, however, is to have a major environmental impact. The company has implemented its organization-wide “Performance With Purpose” program to work toward this end.

Poised to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2003, Mary Kay Inc. not only enjoys a rich heritage, but also has one of the best-known brands in the world. And when you add pink Cadillacs, charismatic founder Mary Kay Ash, a bevy of high-quality cosmetics and hundreds of thousands of independent beauty consultants, you begin to realize how the Dallas-based company has grown into one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics in the world. Mary Kay Inc.’s 2001 global wholesale sales topped $1.4 billion – the third consecutive year of record sales – and the company’s sales force includes more than 900,000 independent beauty consultants operating in 33 markets on five continents.

Charlie’s Pride Meats is in the roast beef production game for the long haul. Whether it is the more than four decades of family ownership or the large national accounts in the foodservice and grocery store sectors that rely on the Dickmans for their roast beef, the rest of the industry knows it can count on Charlie’s Pride Meats for quality roast beef at a reasonable price.

Braun Medical Inc., supplier of health-care products and services, is fairly new to the industry and the United States, considering its parent company, B. Braun Melsungen AG, has been in the field for more than a century.

More than 160 years ago, German purveyor Julius W. Braun opened his pharmacy for business. Established in Melsungen, Germany, the pharmacy’s first products included silver-nitrate drops, baking soda and styptic pencils. It wasn’t until later in the 19th century that his son, Bernhard Braun, the company’s namesake, began manufacturing medical pharmaceutical products.

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