Odom picThe Odom Corporation has proven its logistics chops in the wilds of Alaska, Washington, and Idaho; and it continues to lead the beverage distribution market.

By Chris Petersen

One of the truest measures of success is how a company works under adverse conditions, and for a wholesale beverage distributor conditions don’t get much more adverse than Alaska. The Odom Corporation was born in these conditions, and COO Adam Hilpert says it has been the company’s ability to adapt to those conditions and still provide top-notch service that has allowed the company to grow into one of the largest distributors in the Pacific Northwest. According to Hilpert, the experience and problem-solving skills the company has accrued over the last 80-plus years in serving Alaska have been crucial for its continued success.

“Alaska has a lot of complexity as it relates to logistics, and the Odom family has done a very good job of learning how to deal with those challenges,” Hilpert says. “ We’ve had to learn to deal with a combination of logistical challenges  that include transporting freight via truck, plane, and barge. We have some markets that are only accessible by air and sea, so it’s forced us to become proficient in understanding a broader array of logistic requirements.”

Topaz Lighting picTopaz Lighting’s strong culture enables it to invest in the company’s future.
By Tim O’Connor

When a company finds success and leads its industry it can be easy to stand apart. Making the investment necessary to reach the next level comes with uncertainty and challenges that the company must be prepared to meet. That was the choice facing lighting manufacturer Topaz Lighting three years ago.

It was CEO Tim Gomes’ faith in his employees and the company’s culture that gave him the confidence needed to embark on a strategy to upgrade nearly every facet of the company.  “When I challenged our employees with the grand plan three years ago everyone knew what the challenges and the stresses were going to be like,” Gomes says. “Instead of shrinking and succumbing to these pressures we’ve coalesced around the strength of our culture and persevered through these challenges.”

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