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From forklift operator to president and CEO, Doug Enck has watched as Arnold Logistics has grown its customer base and revenues while maintaining a dedication for customer responsiveness. Much like his dramatic rise to the top, Enck says the company is poised for unlimited growth possibilities.

The Camp Hill, Pa.-based company provides print, direct mail, distribution, e-commerce, inventory control and systems integration solutions for small- and large-sized clients. Each year, it ships 3.8 million orders and 200,000 SKUs. Some of its key clients include IBM,, Holsted Marketing and Excel Communications. It also provides contract packaging services for Quaker, Quaker-Gatorade, Tropicana, Hershey Foods and Fuji Film. In 2001, Arnold Logistics helped customers package nine million beverage cases and built 715,000 display kits.

Founded in 1976, Arnold Logistics has expanded its general warehousing services to include fulfillment, contract packaging/ kitting, call center operations, reverse logistics, record storage and transportation.

Enck has moved up the proverbial corporate ladder during his 26 years at Arnold Logistics, serving as forklift operator, supervisor, shift manager, building manager, vice president, and now president and CEO. He says many in top management have similar longevity streaks. “It’s a good place to work,” he says. “It’s more like a family to me than a company.”

Arnold Industries, the former parent company of Arnold Logistics, was acquired by Roadway Corp., parent company of Roadway Express, in 2001. Arnold Logistics’ management team then purchased Arnold Logistics for $105 million. Enck says the new private ownership at Arnold Logistics will enable the company to have more flexibility.

One of the company’s strategies is to staff lean to avoid unnecessary costs. Since the company formed, it has never laid off an hourly associate. “We try to staff lean,” Enck says. “We use overtime instead of excess staff.”

Enck says the company’s list of cross-industry clients levels the workload throughout the year. Arnold Logistics’ retail clients are busy in the late third and fourth quarters and contract packaging and beverage clients keep the company busy in the summer. “We have a very strong management team,” he says, adding, “We’re able to move our staff around from operation to operation.”

Guaranteed Performance

Enck says one benefit that makes Arnold Logistics stand apart from its competitors is providing pay-for-performance contracts,which offer guaranteed performance. “Everyone talks the talk. We actually walk the walk,” he says. The company uses performance benchmarks and targets to ensure the customer gets what it’s looking for. “We put our money where our mouths are,” he says. “It gives them a better comfort level.”

The company contends operations have consistently achieved more than 99.9 percent accuracy and service levels. Arnold Logistics prides itself on never having lost a customer due to performance issues.

As an example of its top-notch quality service, Arnold Logistics was named to Quaker’s “Gold Standard in Warehouse Club” in 2002 for the second time in the past three years. It also was named by Hershey Foods as its top-rated service provider in 2001, and received recognition by Coors Brewing Co. in 1999 for service and excellence in on-site audits.

Enck says now that the company is privately owned, it is embarking on an aggressive growth track, with a goal of growing revenue by 15 percent each year. “We’re looking for acquisitions in other areas,” he says. The company had $56 million in revenues in 2001, which jumped to $61 million in 2002.

Arnold Logistics has 23 facilities – totaling more than 5 million square feet of warehousing space – and more than 1,200 associates. Its operations are located in central Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio and Illinois.

“We have a reputation as a high-quality service provider in the Northeast,” Enck says. “Our direction is to establish our same quality as a regional provider to that as a high-quality national provider. That’s the big push, to take the services and expand them in the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast.”

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