Construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors – they all have a lot to juggle to ensure projects are completed on time and delivered as promised. They rely on numerous vendors and partners to complete their jobs successfully, something that A.H. Harris & Sons understands well. Having been a partner to the construction industry since 1916, A.H. Harris is dedicated to providing “the highest-quality products and services,” according to its mission.

In 1916, A.H. Harris got started as a small, family owned and operated trucking company. The company’s focus has been on high-quality products and services since its inception. Over the years it has grown to distribute products to the heavy, highway, commercial, industrial and residential markets. A.H. Harris has 39 locations from Bangor, Maine to Charlotte, North Carolina, and it has a special focus on forming, rebar, sitework and concrete repair and restoration. 

Many companies are focused on the bottom line, but Engman-Taylor Co. (ETCO) Inc. looks past that to earn its clients’ trust. Vice President of Operations Jim Mueller says the company regularly finds ways to help its customers save money.

“There are many cases where we’ve actually reduced our sales by producing cost savings for customers,” he says, noting that ETCO considers the client’s loyalty to be more important than profits alone. “In the end, they understand that’s our real focus.”

Although many companies offer some of the products that C&H Distributors does, they do not offer the expertise and knowledge of storage and material-handling products that C&H’s employees do. These competitors might not offer the ease of ordering through multiple channels, and it’s tough to beat the level of commitment of C&H to its core values. 

“Our mission is to make life easier for our customers,” Chief Marketing Officer Mike Snapper emphasizes. “We can help customers make the best choice for them, and that’s really what the website and catalog design is about. Our focus has been really on better serving what we call multiple channels. Our website is part of that. We’re also focusing on developing better relationships through account management.”

Beyond Components founder Lou Dinkel moved to Boston in 1987 with $2,300 in his wallet and a list of dreams written on the back of a napkin that included running his own, honest business and hiring staff with character and integrity. 

“I started selling entry level lines, I didn’t know any customers in the area and I wasn’t going to steal competitors’ salespeople,” Dinkel recalls. “They said I wouldn’t make it and that Boston would eat me alive. In our 27-year history, we have never hired from a competitor. We hire for integrity and character and promote from within. It took a long time to find my first five employees.”

The typical office has changed more in the last two decades than it had in the previous seven. The Weeks Lerman Group and its predecessor companies have been evolving to meet their customers’ office supply needs as a result of the changes in office products and services since 1930.

“We continue to expand our product and service offerings to meet the needs of the modern office and to provide our clients with single-source capabilities,” President and CEO Sid Lerman explains. “Half of our revenues are derived from sales of traditional office products, and the other half is now generated from sales of coffee and break room products, printed items, tech supplies, managed print services, office furniture and advertising specialty items. In the last three years, we have developed strong and successful janitorial supplies and document management divisions that continue to grow. We are pleased that we bring more value to our core customers through these additional category offerings.” 

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