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Aiphone Video Intercom - AX Series

Exchange-Based Industrial Video Intercom System

Why Choose Aiphone's AX Series Intercoms?

  • Extremely Reliable

Aiphone has been awarded the prestigious Deming Prize for quality control and manufacturing procedures twice, which is exceedingly rare. Their products are manufactured utilizing an ISO-certified procedure that complies with stringent requirements. Aiphone devices are built to last for years and are only upgraded when an application outgrows the system's capability.

Aiphone intercoms are designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment. In Sydney, for example

  • Exchange-Based Video Intercom

Control the entry to your building and control access with easy, efficient communication. You can maintain the security of your facility by verifying visitor intent using audible voice and recognizable video. The AX Series is an exchange-based video intercom system that uses Cat-5 cable, which is widely accessible and has a high capacity to handle large-scale open-voice intercom systems.


  1. Composite video output from the CEU and the master station
  2. Substation call levels might be standard or priority.
  3. Communication privacy between master stations
  4. Selective door opening
  5. Homerun Cat-5/6 wiring
  6. a maximum of 120 substations and 8 master stations
  7. There are two communication channels.
  8. Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk communication (PTT)
  9. Selective calling among masters
  10. All Communication between master stations

Aiphone AX Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Video Door Station


  • Central Exchange Unit



  • Audio Door Station


  • Audio/Video Master



  • Accessories


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