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Aiphone Video Intercom - JF Series

You get everything with this video intercom: low cost, dependable security, straightforward operation, and elegant style.

Why Choose Aiphone's JF Series Intercoms?

  • Affordable

You get solid security, simple operation, and a stylish appearance with this affordably priced video intercom. You can see, hear, and interact with visitors before inviting them inside. The JF Series supports three indoor master stations and two video door stations. Thanks to an integrated picture memory, the device can be manually activated or set up to automatically record visitor calls. Installation takes merely a few minutes and requires only two cords.

  • Highly Reliable

It is quite uncommon, yet Aiphone has twice received the prestigious Deming Prize for quality assurance and manufacturing practices. Some of the most dependable products on the market are made with a technique that is ISO Certified and follows strict regulations. Apple phones are made to last for many years; they only need to be replaced when an application requires more power than the hardware can provide.

Aiphone intercoms are designed to sustain and withstand Australia's extreme weather. for instance, in Sydney


  1. Push-to-talk (PTT) or hands-free (VOX) communication
  2. TFT LCD display
  3. Allows for up to two video door stations and three indoor master stations.
  4. ability to release a single or a selection of doors (RY-18L for single door release, RY-3DL for selective door release)
  5. Up to two entry messages can be prerecorded and played at the door station.
  6. a built-in photo memory (records up to 50 calls)
  7. DVR video output using the provided cable
  8. Reliable entry-level security
  9. extremely durable

Aiphone JF Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Video Door Station
  1. JF-DV
  2. JF-DA
  3. JF-DVF
  • Master Station
  1. JF-2MED
  • Accessories
  1. SBX-DVF-P
  2. SBX-DVF
  • Video Intercom Set
  1. JFS-2AEDF
  2. JFS-2AEDV

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