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Aiphone Video Intercom - JO Series

A video doorbell with a smartphone app for home and small-business owners on the go.

Why Choose Aiphone's JO Series intercoms?

  • It brings together the finest of both worlds.

Combine the dependability of a hard-wired master station with the ease of a mobile app to reach out to more consumers. For busy home and business owners, the JO Series Video Doorbell with Mobile App Capability is the best option.

Whether it's a delivery person or an unexpected guest, you can monitor and converse with them using the hard-wired master station on-site or remotely via a mobile app. You can also use this station to open the door. The indoor master station makes sure that calls from the door station won't be missed, even when the internet is slow or unavailable. If the mobile app is not required, a standard indoor master station without mobile app capabilities is also offered.

The JO Series is a one-time purchase that comes with no ongoing fees or commitments.

  • improved efficiency and speed
  1. stronger WiFi connection
  2. Audio still transmits even with a slow internet connection.
  3. It's uncommon for a company to win the coveted Deming Prize for quality assurance and manufacturing practices twice, but Aiphone has. Some of the most reliable products available are made utilizing a process that is ISO Certified and complies with stringent standards. The only time an aiphone device has to be upgraded is if an application's requirements exceed what the system can handle.

The intercom from Aiphone is made to survive and withstand Australia's extreme weather. Sydney, for instance


  1. From your smartphone or another mobile device, you can answer calls and unlock your door.
  2. The practical roaming software gives employees and security personnel access from wherever on or off-site.
  3. Even if the internet is unreliable or sluggish, you can still communicate with visitors via the on-site monitor.
  4. Easily recognize guests with the huge 7′′ screen 
  5. save calls for free using the built-in memory
  6. The on-site monitor's call storage can be increased by inserting a MicroSD card.
  7. Listen to recorded calls using the on-site master or the mobile app.
  8. While being secure, you can hear and see who is at the door.
  9. Open the door for guests using the smartphone app or the on-site monitor.
  10. Simple installation utilizing only 2 wires, similar to doorbell wire
  11. To watch and hear activities at the entrance, turn on the door station's video and audio stream.
  12. fits the majority of contemporary house decor
  13. Unlock your door via the smartphone application.
  14. The mobile app's sliding button avoids unintentional door unlocking.
  15. Available in convenient box sets!

Aiphone JO Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Video Door Station
  1. JO-DVF
  2. JO-DV
  • Video Intercom Set
  1. JOS-1V
  2. JOS-1F
  3. JOS-1AW
  4. JOS-1VW
  5. JOS-1A
  6. JOS-1FW
  • Accessories
  1. SBX-DVF
  2. SBX-DV30
  • Access Control Keypad
  1. AC-10S

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