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Aiphone Video Intercom - LEF Series

Hands-free Selective Call Intercom

Why Choose Aiphone's LEF Series Intercoms?

  • Audio Only Intercom

This audio-only, selective-calling, open-voice intercom system is the cornerstone of the Aiphone line and can handle up to 11 stations in total. This simple, heritage system may be modified to meet a wide range of needs for basic communication to door stations, basic communication between inside master stations, and basic communication to operate a door release unit.

  • Reliable

Aiphone has twice been awarded the Deming Prize for quality control and production methods. Their strict standards and ISO certification procedure provide the most dependable items in the sector. Since they are only changed when an application requires more resources than the system can offer, Aiphone devices are renowned for their durability.


  • Push-to-talk master; station called with hands-free answer.
  • It is possible to release selected doors (with RY-PA for each door).
  • Every LEF-10S call and every Master LEF-C call (requires BG-10C).
  • Intermixable system that can accommodate any number of master and sub-stations (max 11 units).
  • monitoring and discreetly dialing.

Aiphone LEF Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Door Station
  1. LE-DA
  • Door Release
  1. RY-PA
  • Surface Mount Box
  1. SBX-2G/A
  • Master Station
  1.  LEF-10
  2. LEF-3
  3. LEF-5
  4. LE-A

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