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Aiphone Video Intercom - WL-11 Wireless Video Intercom Series

Hassle-free wireless video intercom

Why Choose Aiphone's WL-11 Series Intercoms?

  • Wireless Video Intercom

The simple WL-11 Wireless Video Intercom offers straightforward setup and operation. The WL-11 is DECT wireless, therefore there is no need for wiring. Using the 1.9 GHz band frequency, you may answer calls from the door without getting interrupted by other home appliances.

The automatic recording feature for up to 100 calls also records three images automatically

  • Extremely Reliable

Aiphone has earned the renowned Deming Prize for quality control and manufacturing procedures twice, which is quite exceptional. Their products are produced following a method that has received ISO certification and meets with strict guidelines. Aiphone hardware is designed to survive for many years, and upgrades are only made when an application requires more power than the system can provide.


  • a practical box set with a master and door station
  • 330 foot range from door to master
  • DECT Wireless
  • Using a frequency of 1.9 GHz reduces wireless interference.
  • automatically takes three images of each guest throughout a call, and up to 100 of these pictures are saved.
  • Weather proof. The WL-11 intercoms are designed to withstand the harsh weather seen in Australia.

Aiphone WL-11 Series Intercom Product

Aiphone Wireless Video Intercom WL-11



  • A convenient box set with a master and door station
  • Easy Installation
  • Clear color video
  • 330-foot range from door to master
  • DECT Wireless
  • 1.9 GHz frequency reduces interference
  • Automatically records 3 visitor images per call
  • Stores 100 visitor images

Price: $329.50

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